During pregnancy yoga helps the body to develop flexibility and strength to deal with the many physical and emotional changes that take place during this time. Allowing yourself the opportunity to connect inwards with yourself and your baby, can help you prepare for childbirth. Working safely, you will be introduced to a range of breathing and visualisation techniques which can be drawn upon at any time throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

With a more flexible body, many women find they can adapt to various positions when it comes to labour and more elastic ligaments can help to reduce labour pains. Practicing moves that relax the hip muscles and use gravity to your advantage, yoga is the ideal way to get physically stronger and emotionally healthier during pregnancy.

I aim to create a beautiful, nurturing atmosphere where women can share any experiences, anxieties and questions they may have in relation to their pregnancy journey. Addressing common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, sleeplessness and swollen limbs, pregnancy yoga can provide relief for many women.

Classes are very popular, so advanced booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.


Yoga classes with Thais were the highlight of my week with both my pregnancies. She has the most calming and soothing nature whilst also being an inspirational teacher. I firmly believe I wouldn’t have got through either labour pain relief free without the breathing techniques and calming thoughts she instilled in me. The yoga exercises also massively helped keep me supple and relieve joint and backache throughout pregnancy. I was still going to Thais’s classes two days before I went in to labour! I cannot recommend her highly enough

Alex Carr